Spiritual Development Workshop

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Spiritual Development Workshop (2 days)

This workshop addresses fears you may face along your path of spirituality and offers a faster road to clearing negative programming that may be holding you back as well as descriptions on spiritual words, experiences and entities.

This workshop includes the HOW TO: Kinesiology? Book: 8 Spiritual Development book is for the student that wants to go deeper and have a fuller understanding into spiritual.

The Spiritual Development workshop offers an extended learning of the spiritual scan lists provided in the HOW TO: Kinesiology? Formula Book 1.
This workshop can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first Foundations workshop of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended. Book One: Formula, provides the step-by-step instruction and videos on the method Ranee Zeller uses in her clinic and workshops to receive results with her clients

Class Runs: No workshop is scheduled for the year, but can be taught on request. Minimum of 5 people required to run a class.

What Our Students Are Saying About Brisbane Kinesiology Courses

Had a fantastic day of face reading with Ranee. Will be using this technique in my everyday life. Margo

Great course, very easy to understand and practical to apply the learning’s in every day life. Tracey

I will never look at people the same way again! Thank you for this new perspective. Nathalie P.V

Why does someone keep secrets better than others? It’s in the positioning of the teeth! Elke

I really enjoyed the course a it will help to understand people why they are the way they are and myself. Thank you Ranee. Kerry Crossman ☺

I enjoyed the course immensely, if it helps us to read people and their personalities the it will help in our relationships with others. Lois Ferre ☺

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