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Kinesiology For Weight Loss And Management

This book is for everybody who has ever had a problem with gaining, maintaining or putting on weight, or maintaining good nutrition.  With all of the fad diets and "fake fact" about weight management it can be easy to overlook the proven benefits of using Kinesiology for Weight Loss and Management.  This book helpd to address that.

kinesiology for weight lossTaking an holistic approach, the book covers Kinesiology for Weight Loss and Management along with a â??Food Diary templateâ?? and â??Recommended Daily Routine For Vitalityâ?? chart (the old fashioned way) that can be photocopied and given to clients or put on the fridge door as a constant reminder.

Allowing your inner beauty to shine through your physical exterior is achievable when weight is addressed holistically from the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Nutritional areas of life. 

Comprehensive scan lists are provided as well as an overview of diet types, label reading, and debunking food myths that keep us locked into ill health and sluggishness.

This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended to allow you to get maximum benefit from our approach to Nutrition and Kinesiology for weight loss and management

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