It’s as if January doesn’t really fit into the calendar any more. It’s that month of ‘yeah mate, na I’m not really working yet, not everyone has got back to work yet’ and the ‘after Australia Day when the kids get back to school’ kind of month for many Australians.

Hopefully all you go getters and business achievers have taken this time to set a few goals and got some well structured strategies in place by now to ‘hit the year running’ albeit beginning in February.

I know that this year for me is going to be huge and I’ve made myself totally transparent (and paid a bucket load of money) to employ a business mentor with a team of 9 people in all areas of business including marketing, financing and life skill management. It’s going to get very uncomfortable as I grow and extend myself beyond my beliefs of what I know to be true. But if I want to offer the best service possible to my students and clients then it’s a thing I must do.

Im happy to say you will all benefit. In turn I will be able to offer the business sector of my people more skills and direction not just intuitively but also practically.

Breaking goals into bite sizes, being accountable, NOT BLAMING others or things, having NO EXCUSES and not being IN DENIAL with your head stuck in the sand is what it’s all about this year. This goes right across the board, whether it’s about your school child’s education, your teenager hitting rebellion stage or the meals you serve at the table.

As I said this year will obviously have its highs & lows as all years do, but in December 2019 I wish for us all to say. WE DID OUR BEST!

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