I hear so many times in life and in my clinic that their child won’t eat THAT kind of food.

Yes I did have children (they survived to be adults) and I was a day care mum for over 9 years when my kids were little. So I’ve have a fair amount of motherly experience as well as my 25 years of kinesiology experience.

Here’s the tip

Ever wondered why your child is perfectly happy one moment then daddy (or a significant other) comes home and they turn into this wild spooky, aggressive masterpiece.

It could be that your little one is surrogating and expressing what big ole daddy couldn’t do at work. Yep it’s 100% true. IF DAD COMES HOME ANGRY / UPSET and your child’s behaviour has changed on their arrival. I can bet you money this is child is taking on the other persons emotions.

Here’s the tip.


This could very easily be your typical kinesiology client that walks into your clinic:

She’s 40ish got a few aches and pains physically, but primarily feeling overwhelmed with responsibility and has kid dramas on the home front & at school and is totally exhausted.

As a kinesiologist we would address each issue individually.


Vision doesn’t need to deteriorate as you age. Consider that your eyes witness so many things during a year, month, day or even moment to moment. It’s no wonder our eyes get tired and it’s no wonder that when we see something that distress us it’s like our eyes voluntarily decide they don’t want to go back to that exact micro positioning in our eyes ever again ‘just in case it sees the same stress’

Just really soak that up,

imagine our eyes being a tiny little universe tracking across the unknown fields of ‘today’. As kinesiologist we know for a fact that all and any unresolved stress lands in the body somewhere. IMAGINE if the first or second responses are via the visual fields.

Ok here’s the tip.


It feels like you’re the only one that can never get enough good quality sleep. No one else understands the struggle you’re going through right? Ok you’re tired enough, you even fall asleep watching tv and the second you decide to go to bed your wide awake....

Why is that?

Well that’s a loaded question and the way I would check with kinesiology would be.... of course the same way I do everything else...wholistically and through muscle testing.

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