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Kinesiology Courses Brisbane

Who Offers Kinesiology Courses Brisbane

Bayside Kinesiology Course Brisbane offers kinesiology courses for practitioners and private individuals concerned with improving health outcomes.  Author and Kinesiology practitioner, Ranee Zeller has written and conducts the courses which are available as individual units or as a complete course.

Kinesiology Courses BrisbaneRanee has been practicing Kinesiology from her Brisbane property since 1994 and has been presenting courses since then as well.  Her courses are designed as practical hands on training and are offered as an alternative to the more time consuming acedemic oriented studies offered by RTOs.

Ranee's Brsibane Kinesiology Courses.

So what do you get in Ranee's Kinesiology courses?  Brisbane has a beautiful sub tropical climate so Ranee offers her lush 5 acre property as a private retreat where you can learn in a relaxed environment without interuptions. All of the Kinesiology courses offerd by Bayside Kinesiology are presented by the course author, rather than by "professional presenters" with little practical experience teaching from text books.  Ranee limits the number of participants in each course so that she can give personal attention to each individual and focus aspects of the course on individual needs.

You can attend one of the "How To Kinesiology" units over a two day retreat or study all 6 of the units over 12 consecutive immersive days. 

HOW TO: Kinesiology addresses:

  • Kinesiology for Alergies
  • Kinesiology for Relationships and Love
  • Kinesiology for Enhanced Learning
  • Kinesiology for Weight Loss
  • Kinesiology for Pain Management
  • Kinesiology for Spiritual Development
  • Kinesiology for Abundance and Business management
  • Meridians Made Easy
  • Face Reading

Units are also offered as distance education courses for those who can't make it to Kinesiology courses in Brisbane, or where the scheduled dates don't suit your calendar.

You can find available dates and book into a course online HERE.  As numbers are limited in the Kinesiology Courses Brisbane and interstate / international students are encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. 


What Our Students Are Saying About Brisbane Kinesiology Courses

Had a fantastic day of face reading with Ranee. Will be using this technique in my everyday life. Margo

Great course, very easy to understand and practical to apply the learning’s in every day life. Tracey

I will never look at people the same way again! Thank you for this new perspective. Nathalie P.V

Why does someone keep secrets better than others? It’s in the positioning of the teeth! Elke

I really enjoyed the course a it will help to understand people why they are the way they are and myself. Thank you Ranee. Kerry Crossman ☺

I enjoyed the course immensely, if it helps us to read people and their personalities the it will help in our relationships with others. Lois Ferre ☺

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