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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study this course, what skills will I come out with?

While kinesiology is traditionally preformed with the client laying on a massage table and the practioner standing next to the massage table doing muscle testing, HOW TO: Kinesiology? teaches self testing and therefore eliminating the need to have a clinic space and massage table. The positive in this is that this form of kinesiology can be taken anywhere once you have learnt how to do self testing.

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What is the benefits of studying on line verses face to face?

It’s a cheaper way to learn.

There is no doubt that face to face is the best way of learning kinesiology so that you gain the correct techniques. On-line kinesiology courses come into its own once you have the required muscle testing skills. You can learn when you like, can take as much time as you need to gain the skill level you desire and of course there is no need for travel and accommodation if you live internationally or interstate.

For the beginner there is a video teaching you how to muscle test and to run through the HOW TO: Kinesiology? Formula

What does that course legally allow me to practice?

The balancing procedures and techniques used in HOW TO: Kinesiology? courses is in no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice given to people. Any healing that takes place is with in the integrity of the client. Applying information from this course should be allowed free interpretation by the student / clients body. The author / course founder Ranee Zeller makes no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor diagnose or prescribe any medical advice to anyone. Ranee Zeller does not discourage any student or client from seeking medical advice. Ranee Zeller is not a medical practitioner. Ranee Zeller balances energy and has IICT acreditation International Institute for Complimentary Therapies).

Are all the HOW TO: Kinesiology? courses nationally recognized?

Yes through IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapies)

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, immediately after the final submition of the last assesment. Providing you have achieved 80% or higher pass rate.

Are these courses recognized as part of another course or certification?

IICT: is a membership company and not an association and do not require CPE points

ATMS: 1point / 2 hours course time. There is no maximum per year you can claim

Please check with your individual association on points per hour as they will all differ slightly

How long do I have to complete a course?

There is no time limit put on course completion. Your course certificate wll be attained once final assesment has been marked.

How long does marking take and how long before I receive my certificate?

Marking is instantionous, your certificate is a full colour A4 certificate sent to you as a pdf.

Are the courses recognized overseas?

All students and graduates can get membership with IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies) and insurance with our insurance partners in all of our 27 IICT approved countries: Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, South Africa, UK and the EU.

It is part of IICT requirements the kinesiology be taught face to face. If someone is qualified in kinesiology, we do accept further training done online but they will first have to have some a face to face training.

Minimum age or education required?

As long as you have an interest in energy therapies and a high school level literacy you will find each course easy and enjoyable to accomplish

Do I need an understanding of English?

Yes, every course is written in english, fluent english comprehension is required

Qualification awarded?

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a internationally recognised IICT certificate.

What order do I need to complete your courses?

Each course can be done individaully as they do not build on from each other. For a deeper understanding of kinesiology if you are starting out then I would suggest the Formula course.

Payment options?

Payment must be made in full prior to commencement of module 1

Do I get a discount if I order more than 1 course?

Yea of course we will give you a discount for your loyality. Your discount will be available at the checkout section.

What is the pass rate for each course?

The pass rate for each on-line course is 80%

What happens if I don’t pass?

You will receive a certificate of participation if you dont achieve a pass mark of 80% or higher

Do I need to know more?

Kinesiology is a life long adventure. If I have started you on your journey of self-discovery or helped you along your life's path my job is done.

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Do I need any other books, computer requirement or subscriptions?

It is not manditory that you have other study book as the information is within each course.

All courses are within an electronic portal and will therfore require a computer to access the information on line.

No subscriptions are ever required for you to achieve competiencies in any HOW TO: Kinesiology? course

I'm a proficient kinesiologist already. Why do i need to do your courses?

Good question. HOW TO: Kinesiology? prides itself on being sucsinct in its delivery of information whilst providing a complete package of 'real time' client usable information. Reardless of whether you have done many kinesiology course i know for a fact that there is nothing like this out in the kinesiology world to date. I have been a kinesiology educator for over 25 years and have created these course for you as I'm very well awre of the missing links in kinesiology studies.

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Is there any opportunity to teach your HOW TO: Kinesiology? courses?

Yes, If you have completed all of my on-line courses and attended the Abundance & Business Management wourkshop face to face, and have been sucessful at our interview, then a big YES from me. My dream is to get this brand of kinesiology out to the families, to empower women all over the globe and to raise a new generation of children who know they have their own answers to each and every problem they will face in life all within themselves.

Technical information

Includes Video clips to help you learn how to use the HOW TO: Kinesiology? protocol as well as muscle testing are included.

Each manual has scan lists of topic appropriate information that is compact in its delivery.

Each workshop with the exception of Face Reading provides comprehensive information physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally.

Every course can be used towards further education points (1 point per every 2 hours) generally up to a total of 10 hours depending on your own association.

Each manual used can also be purchased before, after or during the online course via amazon.

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