Spiritual Development

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How to: Kinesiology? Spiritual Development

What is spiritual development? Spiritual development is not about finding enlightenment – rather, it’s about identifying and clearing fears and blockages that might be holding you back, potentially masquerading as physical and mental issues and preventing you from being your best self.

What is this course? This course is designed to help you explore the links between physical and spiritual health and learn the techniques used by top kinesiology practitioners.

Who should do this? Kinesiologists who want to give clients the opportunity to be their best personal self.

What will I get out of this? You will learn the skills required to identify and clear fears and blockages in yourself and in clients. You will also discover simple meanings for spiritual words, experiences and entities, and delve into important concepts and tools such as astrology, chakras, light bodies and yoga.

Practical notes: Materials include emotional and mental scan lists. As a bonus, watch two videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.

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