Abundance and Business Management

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How To: Kinesiology? Abundance & Business Management

What is this course? This fundamental foundation workshop is dedicated to helping you realise and set specific goals for your kinesiology business, putting plans in place and managing your mindset so there are no blockages to your goals.

Who should do it? Anyone looking to set up a successful and thriving kinesiology business and be the best version of themselves.

What will I get out of it? You will set an intention as to where your business plan is heading, and will learn how to clear all the blocks around achieving your goals. You will have breakthroughs and learn to be unstoppable professionally. You will learn practical business skills that you can apply to create a thriving kinesiology business.

What are some of the skills I’ll develop? This course is designed to give you holistic skills to apply to your kinesiology business, including:
- Completing avatar analysis: Become clear and concise on exactly who your business audience is and whom your advertising is targeted at. Recognise how your business stands out from the crowd, and learn skills on how to be noticed for your individuality.
- Creating mission statements: Realise what the purpose of your business is and what your overall goals are. Become clear on the scope of services you’re offering, who your primary clients are and the geographical reach of your operations.
- Developing a code of ethics: Outline the core values of your business, and work out how you will approach clients and deal with problems.
- Establishing workplace health and safety: Set up practices and guidelines for protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in your business, including yourself and your clients.
- Evaluating emotional and mental scan lists: These lists let you better understand your goals for the business, and work out where any blockages to those goals may be.

Practical notes: Watch two videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.

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