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Restful Sleep

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Rest is a portal to serenity, healing, creativity and imagination, trying to teach us to effortlessly let go of our fears, doubts, blame and shame. Sleep naturally releases over striving. Establishing healthy sleep patterns can be the turning point in a client's healing process. Sleep allows the body to do it's maintenance and recharge for the next day. Healthy sleep, just as healthy food, water, sunshine, and love is essential for physical and emotional wellness.
Below is a list of suggestions that may be hindering the gateway to ‘nirvana.

In this course we will cover:

~ Client pre-assessments - This section (negative beliefs around sleep, what can interfere with sleep & over 100 sleeping disorders) is paramount to any restful sleep or functioning in the world. Absolutely no advancement of any kind can be achieved if this basic need are not first met.
If there is cause for concern in any areas in this section, it is important to follow it up and address/correct first, symptoms can be real or perceived, both are as equally important.
Once this section has the ‘ok’ to go ahead, proceed to attributes of restful sleep then finish with the HOW TO: Kinesiology? formula.

Down to the detail:
~ Prescribed medication and their side effects
~ Physical attributes to sleep including the role specific hormones play
~ Mental and emotional aspects including how we can sabotage a restful sleep
~ Spiritual attributes for sleep including dream types and meditation techniques along with the script for you you give your client to support rejuvenating sleep
~ Comprehensive nutritional suggestions
~ 11 brain states (Alpha, beta theta and more) descriptions
~ The effects of jet lag / shift work as on the body and how as kinesiologist we can assist a client back into the correct time or space  

‘This course is very comprehensive and can assist with all modalities of natural health and healing  

Teacher: Ranee
Released: June 2019
Length: 16 hours
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, and quizzes

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