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Ever hear yourself saying "if I knew what the problem was I could fix it!!!?"

Well now you can. 

This manual teaches you how to ask the right questions to get the right answers for every physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional problem you have.

More than 80% of our problems can be solved quickly & easily with kinesiology.

Let me give you an example: 

You have had a back pain for too long and nothing has fixed it (evidently). 

Have you considered it may not be a structural problem?  Sure it physically hurts, so why haven't the pills fixed it? 

Consider for a moment it could be:

-- Emotional stress -  you're worried and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

-- Mental attitude - that your backs against the wall and you have no options in a particular relationship

-- Spiritual - you are not on your life's path or finding it difficult to walk your talk. 

-- Nutritional - not drinking enough water therefore giving your kidneys a hard time detoxifying

-- Physical - strained a muscle and not giving it time to recover

In my "HOW TO" kinesiology book you will learn all the tools for every day use in a simple and concise format.




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