As Kerry starts to unwrap her business and create new self management skills she also opens the door to more abundance, fun and leisure. What is this workshop about? This fundamental foundation workshop is dedicated to helping you realise and set specific goals for your kinesiology business and/or personal life, putting plans in place and managing your mindset so there are no blockages to your goals. Who should do it? Anyone looking to set up a successful and thriving kinesiology business and be the best version of themselves. What will I get out of it? You will set an intention as to where your business and/or personal life plan is heading, and will learn how to clear all the blocks around achieving your goals. You will have breakthroughs and learn to be unstoppable, both personally and professionally. How long is this workshop? 5 consecutive days.

Louise gives a very candid description of a kinesiology workshop she attended here at Bayside Kinesiology. It was another one of those classes where laughter was at the forefront. Her ability to just live in the moment and to enjoy every aspect of learning, teamwork and enthusiasm was an absolute delight. Real people having real wholesome fun.

Greg & Sharyn talk openly about the challenges they have out west z& the reasons why they chose to learn kinesiology in Brisbane, Australia.

Kinesiology helps with pain as well as clearing energy imbalances around pregnancy

Taking Max to Ranee was life changing. Max suffered from bouts of vomiting from an early age. He would vomit all day and then need to sleep for hours before feeling better. Doctors diagnosed him with 'stomach migraines' and prescribed panadeine for him. They also wanted to put him on an adult dose of blood pressure medication. We refused. We decided to try natural remedies and found Ranee. After spending 5 minutes with Ranee, Max looked at me and told me that she knew him better than we did. Ranee told us what foods Max needed to avoid and what to eat a lot of. She gave Max strategies that would help him avoid the vomiting episodes. Max has now been self managing his health for years. He still has episodes of vomiting but knows how to get back on track. He doesn't take any medication. We would recommend Ranee for any health concerns. Ranee is the ultimate professional .

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