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Abundance & Business Management Workshop (5 days)

Workshop Dates for 2019:

February 2-6

September 7-11


Days 1 & 2

Take an in-depth look into who your ‘avatar’ client will be. Become clear and concise on exactly who your advertising is targeted at.  Yes I know you can heal the world, but you need to start being the big fish in a little pond instead of the little fish in a big sea. It’s time to come out of the wallpaper and be noticed for your own individuality.  If you sign up for this workshop you have already made the commitment to be the best version of yourself.

Begin to clear your own sabotages around abundance.  This may not necessarily be financial abundance.  We will also be looking at your personal life and narrowing down on your strengths and weaknesses.  While this can be very confronting, I can guarantee that nothing is spoken about outside of the workshop.  Many past students have had major breakthroughs both personally and professionally.

Days 3 & 4

Depending on whether you explore your business life or your personal life, it is solely up to you as we cater for both areas. 

During this workshop we look at the buyers DNA, shadow marketing,

as well as your goals and objectives, competitive environment, how to enhance your clients experience along with all the behind the scene requirements.  This manual has over 70 packed-solid pages of tips on abundance and business management. 

Day 5 With the marketing trend changing so quickly its important to stay ahead of the game while also protecting your personal goals.  Today we will be looking at family & relationships, leisure & travel, finances & legal issues, health & fitness, spirituality, life style & housing, paid work, non – paid work, life long learning & development.  This course is a game changer.  When you are rock solid with your goals you are unstoppable.

This is the foundation kinesiology workshop that allows you to start a successful and thriving business.  Once you have set an intention as to where your business or life plan is heading you are then able to clear ALL the blocks around achieving it. 

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