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How to: Kinesiology? Face Reading

What is face reading? Face reading is a fundamental part of kinesiology, but it’s also a great life skill that will help you understand why you react certain ways in various situations and why you feel things more intensely than others. Having the ability to face read means you will be able to sum-up people simply by looking at, and understanding, their facial structures and how they express themselves.

What is this course? A fun course that will allow you to recognise facial structures understand how these structures impact behaviour. A fundamental step in reading people and identifying characteristics including honesty, intelligence and reliability in a person.

Who should do this? Everyone from beginners to advanced kinesiologists wanting to better understand their clients and the people around them.

What will I get out of this? In this workshop you will be studying and understanding the structural features of a person’s face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, teeth, cheekbones, forehead, head, fingers and legs. You will begin to be able to recognise certain personality traits at a glance, just by analysing facial structures and recognising things such as wrinkle lines, eyebrow shape, distance between eyes, nose length, lip size and facial shape. Knowing these few facial traits is a huge benefit in getting to know someone, and will also help you recognise your own difficulties and strengths that lie within your many traits.

Practical notes: Plus, watch two videos on the kinesiology session layout and how to muscle test.

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