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Welcome to Bayside Kinesiology Brisbane

As a Brisbane Kinesiology practitioner, personal trainer, body mind spirit facilitator, I am passionate about what I do in the clinic, at my workshops and retreats.

Are you feeling flat, stressed out, unhealthy or lacking in direction? Do you have someone in your life that feels this way? Bayside Kinesiology can help! We offer profound and uplifting consultations in a number of areas—from kinesiology to massage—all of which will leave you feeling energised, in control and full of life.

At Bayside, we specialise in the following:


At Bayside, we offer a number of different kinesiology balances to make your whole system sing. Below are a few of the more common and popular treatments.


Why treat the fascia?

Your fascia health is vital to overall well-being and relaxation.  Being a connective network of microscopic, hollow, transparent, fluid filled tubules connecting and protecting everything inside you in a continuous grid of communication.  

The fascia has no beginning or end; it simply flows throughout your entire body responding swiftly to every demand put on it, faster than the speed of light and faster than any nerve impulse is able to transmit an electrical signal. 

As the fascia travels along it is by nature protective: squeezing blood vessels together in a ‘true’ or ‘perceived’ danger response, slowing down circulation, blood and lymph flow throughout the body causing havoc to every body system, emotional stability and mental awareness. 

Is this relevant to me?

Yes, if your body is continuously stressed by work, family, social demands, environmental toxins and physical trauma, then your fascia communication pathways are inhibited, weakened, torn and blocked, rendering it almost impossible to stay ‘on top of our game’.  Unfortunately when damaged, this holds stuck and heavy information from the fascia at the site of the bone called the periostium.

How can this be treated?

Through our specific Kinesiology Fascia Release techniques, we have researched a way of accessing this very specific and important master communicator. It’s a big deal: when you clear the master pathways miraculously all other interferences have the opportunity to resolve and heal.

How long does it last for?

From my experience it lasts forever,  however if you have a major accident or trauma it would be advisable to check in and get a top up before it locks into your body permanently. 

Great, so how do I get started? 

When booking in for a Fascia Release treatment I require a complete summary of all your conditions: what they are, when they happened, pain rating out of 10 in each of these positions: standing, lying, sitting, leaning.  Also what position makes the pain more bearable. 

These treatments are also able to be done distantly, and is often my preferred way of treating. As sometimes during your rehabilitation stages your body may only be able to handle 10 minutes at a time. I’m am an intuitive body worker, so I will not be pushing your body beyond its comfort zone at any time. Where as treating a symptom may only take a few minutes, I prefer to take longer and treat the body systems and this may take up to a week to complete in its entirety. 

How much does it cost me? 

You decide, what is a healthy body worth to you? I realise this is a difficult question to answer, but I also don’t want money to be put before health.  Some people have offered me thousands of dollars, while others can’t afford more than a barter system. I want to stay fair and ask for you to decide. Let’s heal one person, one village at a time. 

Final note

Please keep yourself well hydrated during these sessions. 

If you have access to a mineral supplement this will also support your healing. 

Some fatigue / emotional releasing may happen as your body heals during this time.

Phone consultations

Phone / WhatsApp consultations are designed for when you live too far away, to sick or just not able to get me in person due to other circumstances. Often people just want a few minutes or longer treatments just to get themselves back on track again. That is when the phone consults work best. You can do them in the luxury of your own home. It’s as simple as booking on line, I am able to work with any topic you need clarity or healing on.

How do I do this? Kinesiology is an energy modality that can be preformed remotely (with permission) from you. I have been doing intuitive / surrogate work professionally since 1996 with the same success rate as when you are present and in my clinic. Skype is not available due to the reception in my area. Payment is determined by the amount of time we spend together on the phone, charged out at $2.50 a minute. I will simply send you an invoice via email and payment can be made via paypal.


If you're holding tension in your body, your whole life can be uncomfortable. At Bayside, we practice intuitive massage that means we're able to isolate and release tension no matter where it's held in the body. Unlike other massage programmes, there is no set routine to Intuitive Massage, as your body guides us to the site of tension. Our massage can work faster than a physio because it identifies the root cause of the muscle pain—often emotions stored in particular muscles. If you'd like to, you can also learn what acupressure points and Chinese meridians are involved in your massage, as well as how to rectify problems yourself if you need to.
Leave feeling like a new person with Intuitive Massage.

Jaw R.E.S.E.T.

Many of us are unfamiliar with how significant the jaw is to many of our other systems. Because of its centrality to our head, shoulders, back/spine and face, the jaw has a central role in influencing the rest of the body. When our jaw is tight it has a direct impact on our neck and shoulders, which themselves get tighter and cause a ricochet effect throughout the rest of the body.

If you have ever had a knock to the head, been under extreme tension or been in an accident (even if it was years ago) your jaw could still be out of alignment, causing every other system to be affected still. If we have a tight jaw, we might experience a host of other symptoms, from tight shoulders, neck pain, migraines, and digestive problems to bruxism (teeth-grinding), chronic fatigue, knee and ankle pain, sleep disorders, snoring, insomnia and others—many of which go undetected.

If you've had dental work, experienced stress or hard knocks to the jaw or the face, or suffered from nightmares then you may benefit greatly from Jaw R.E.S.E.T.—an incredibly gentle balance with no physical manipulation that will transform how you feel.

Please allow 1 1/2 hours for this treatment.

Allergy Testing

The modern world is full of irritants, toxins and harmful chemicals. Many people suffer terribly from allergic reactions to foods, additives and other products—with skin complaints, headaches, shortness of breath and many other symptoms.
At Bayside, we offer a way of accurately testing for food intolerances through kinesiology. That means no diet elimination programs, no needle testing and no expensive specialist's fees. We can test for over 1000 adverse substances, and our testing is perfectly safe and non-invasive for adults, children and pets. Just bring in anything that you suspect you may have a reaction to, or if you're not sure, let us accurately and quickly find the cause.
After our allergy testing, your body will be left feeling great and your quality of life substantially improved—refer to our testimonials for examples.

Pet Testing

Our pets are very precious members of our families, and often experience similar physical and emotional problems as we do—they're just as susceptible to disease, infection and moodiness. If you leave Bayside feeling absolutely transformed, why not do the same for them and balance them holistically?

Physical Balance

The Physical Balance treats the problems, dysfunction and stored emotions in the body at a physical level. Too often our physical body is ignored to our detriment, and this balance aims at setting the body right. Restore your body to vitality and health—don't ignore it, pamper it!

Heavy Metals and Mercury Balance

Clearing heavy metals out of our system is also important for vitality—heavy metals act to trap toxins in different parts of the body and block the flow of nutrients to affected areas. Often dental fillings or other heavy metals used routinely in the body in the 21st century can leak out, causing havoc in the digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems. Symptoms of this include lethargy, poor memory, muscular pain and digestive complaints.
Strengthen your body's own systems to eliminate toxins naturally with this fantastic balance.

Overcoming Fear Balance

No matter who we are, we have fears—about family, work, love, wealth, and life in general—and these fears can become locked within our physical and emotional systems. This wonderful balance helps to identify those fears and work through them, replacing them with love and emotional harmony, boosting our resistance to change and confidence about the future. Is that right?

Conflict Resolution Balance

Conflict, latent aggression and unresolved issues lie between many people and impact horribly upon relationships. With this balance, the space between people is under scrutiny, working through emotional triggers, memories and past trauma to transform negativity into love.

Surrogate Balance

If you or someone close cannot be physically present for treatment—be they children, pets, injured, or unable to attend for some other reason—this wonderful balance can be employed to heal and energise remotely and accurately.

Other treatments


Ever wondered why people behave the way they do? Have you ever wished you could really understand what someone was saying just by looking at them? Personology involves a deep reading of people's faces and expressions. It gives you insight into facial expressions and quirks and lets you read the emotion and personality underneath the appearance—and even more than that, their life story. You'll learn about people's qualities and attributes, how they tend to react in specific situations, and challenges that confront them which can help them grow. And all from their features!
Directed towards yourself, you'll be able to present yourself in the most attractive way for employment opportunities, and learn to understand yourself so that you can bring out the uniqueness of others.


Did you know that the 52 bones in your feet represent 32 per cent of bones in your entire body? Or that there are 7200 nerve endings in your feet, which represents a map of the rest of your nervous system? You'll notice that when you experience a pain somewhere in your feet, there's a corresponding pain elsewhere in the body. Reflexology is the practice of treating your total body, inside and out, through the feet—just imagine giving your limbs, spine, muscles and internal organs a massage via your feet, and you have reflexology.
Book an extremely relaxing and therapeutic reflexology consultation at Bayside and feel great!

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